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Who We Are

With over 15 years of tradition, commitment and professionalism, Mukanmar has established its position as a world-class ship manager and maritime service provider. Since our founding in Istanbul, we have developed a global reputation by continuously exceeding our clients´ expectations when providing the highest quality and professional management services. Our success is based on the tremendous added-value granted to our clients by leveraging a strong global network and the will of being a leading force in the maritime industry.

Our Commitment

Mukanmar Ship Management has risen to become a leading force in the ship management field by adhering to an unequivocal commitment to quality and efficiency and providing totally customised modular services to satisfy each client’s requirements. The company is respected for its pioneering efforts in the implementation of safety of life at sea and safe ship and cargo operations as well as being a leader in the fight against pollution and other environmental hazards. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, partners, crew and employees, treating each other with respect, providing fully transparent services and operating with integrity.

Company Culture

It is our people with their individual qualities and personalities who distinguish our organisation. Recognising the importance of each team member, Mukanmar enjoys the loyalty of its many committed long-term employees who are the driving force behind the constant improvement of our processes and services.

We know that good ideas can come from anywhere. Open two-way communication and a combination of top-down and bottom-up management style are key factors within our organisation worldwide.

The company welcomes individuals worldwide who have the right attitude, motivation and drive to be entrusted with tasks aboard and ashore.

Our Services



Through the fusion of real-time, localized knowledge and expertise with our unwavering commitment to stringent operational standards, our agency stands as a reliable partner


The extensive industry experience of our commercial experts, in conjunction with the comprehensive support provided by CSM, serves as the cornerstone of our service portfolio


Mukanmar Ship Management is dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions to our esteemed clients


Technical Management of ships comprises all of the sectors that maximize the efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life. The services we provide to our clients (shipowners) are always in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators, recognised statutory bodies, the law of the proper Flag State and the places where the Vessel is required to trade.

We provide these services via our team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff which comprises masters, engineers, supercargoes and technical superintendents. As a rule technical superintendents, who are responsible for monitoring the vessel’s condition and all aspects of their performance and operation, are each allocated to a group of two to three vessels.

We also always ensure that a strict approach to safety and security is maintained and we also promote a high consideration for the protection of the environment.

We constantly audit our procedures in order to ensure that the highest operating standards are maintained. These services include arranging and supervising of dry dockings and repairs, alterations and the maintenance of the Vessel to the standards agreed with the Owners, arranging the supply of necessary stores, spares, lubricating oil, other consumables used by vessels, vessel inspection, budget control and many other things without which cost-effective and profitable exploitation of the vessel is simply impossible.

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Colombo Ship Management team is able to carry out the effective planning of dry dockings and other major repairs, retrofits and conversions, as well as supervision of these services, to the highest standard


Our network of shipyards offers world-class maintenance services for all types of ship, from the shortest stopovers to extended programmes including special and intermediate class surveys


Pre-purchase ship condition inspection, Pre-docking ship inspection, Vessel general inspection, Hull and Machinery damage inspections can be carried out by the Companies’ own Superintendents, Technical Managers, Fleet Electricians, or exclusive General Inspectors


Commercial Management encompasses the various modes of vessel’s employment on behalf of the owner, either on time charter (bareboat) or voyage charter basis, from spot to period employment. It also includes providing the three main groups of services rendered by Company as Managers to their clients:


Chartering is a core activity of any commercial management process which in accordance with BIMCO’s Standard Ship Management Agreement “SHIPMAN 2009” comprises but is not limited to “seeking and negotiating employment for the Vessel and the conclusion of charter parties or other contracts relating to the employment of the Vessel”. Depending on owners’ requests we provide for each ship voyage, single time charter (“time charter trip”) or where required period employment.

This function is carried out by our Vienna office for the handy, supra size and panamax ships and by our Odessa office for tonnage of up to 13,000 dwt. We aim to secure the best employment available in order to optimise earnings and to ensure positioning of tonnage to best take advantage of the constantly changing market conditions. As a priority and for security, all prospective new business partners and charterers are screened.


The Operational aspect of commercial management is a crucial part of the equation. This is the area where money can be saved or lost and a voyage can be made more or less profitable. Our experienced ship operators ensure the safe and efficient handling of all the ships and the smooth execution of all voyages.

We are in constant communication with our competent ship’s Masters as well as with charterers, brokers, port agents and bunker suppliers.

Our operators are fully aware of the vital importance from a commercial viewpoint of the effect their work will have in the context of the competitive environment within which shipping operates and as such there is constant liaison with the commercial department to ensure that any/all possible problematic situations which may arise are dealt with promptly and efficiently.


It is hard to imagine that modern model of commercial management could exist without comprehensive system of such tools as voyage estimating and accounting, actual voyage results calculations, full load calculation, advising shortest routes for the vessel, calculation of hire, freights, demurrage and despatch monies from or due to the charterers of the Vessel, accounts control, performance analyses in the form of time charter equivalent for any period required.

All above tasks, which we carry out with assistance of up-to-date marine IT solutions, ship management and accounting software, are vital to the profitability of shipping business.

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